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A look back at Antoine 27's 2 races on the Sachsenring circuit in the NORTHERN TALENT CUP championship.


An interesting weekend of great progress for Antoine.

Antoine begins to know his bike well and to ride with more ease. He finds a good position and a good speed!


For Q1 Antoine obtains the P7 position by being in the Top 3 for quite some time. In Q2 the session did not go very well, Antoine began to have pain in the lower right back and had trouble staying constant , he finishes P11.

Saturday, first race start P11.

A great race battle with the fastest group for the victory not far from the podium!

Antoine finishes 6th.

Sunday, second race start P10. 


An intensive and complicated race at the start being blocked behind the pilots, then a good pace with the fastest.

Antoine finishes 5th.

Antoine concluded this weekend with two races with the fastest riders and victory under 0.900 in Race 1.

The races were filmed and streamed live on YouTube. We invite you to view the races with the links below, nothing better for a summary 

Here is the latest article from the Northern Talent Cup:


Monday, May 15, 2023

Rocco Sessler (MCA Racing) surprised the field with a superb run in Race 1, continuing his incredible progression as a driver and Championship challenger. Starting the final lap in fourth position, he timed his victory attempt to perfection, passing championship leader Lenoxx Phommara (Team Phommara), Italian prodigy Matteo Masili (Fairium Next Generation Riders Team) and teammate Julius Frellsen (MCA Racing) to claim what was a victory to be savored, all with pride on home soil.


The proceedings started as expected, with a Matteo Masili who, from second place on the starting grid, took the start ahead of Lenoxx Phommara, the race favorite. He didn't hold the lead for long as rivals Lenoxx Phommara and Rocco Sessler punished the Italian when he crashed out of the starting grid at T11.


But on the second lap, a mechanical problem by Anakin Zelenak (JRP Racing Academy Team) caused an incident between several pilots at T12, which triggered the red flag and forced Jurrien Van Crugten (BB64 Academy) to retire, the pilot ending up with two DNFs in just three races – a disappointing record for such a promising driver.


At the restart, Masili again got off to a fast start, but Lenoxx Phommara was undeterred, expertly placing his bike on the inside to hold the line and push the Italian wide and reclaim the race lead. . After dominating all practice and qualifying sessions, most observers thought the normal racing order had been restored, but that was not the case. For what ? Ask the quick-learned and quick-witted Frellsen to come out of nowhere to take the lead.


And so it was that we witnessed an 8-lap battle between Lenoxx Phommara, Matteo Masili, Rocco Sessler and Julius Frellsen, with the four frequently swapping positions during this thrilling melee. The race ended with a victory for Julius Frellsen, who continued his unforgettable start to the race on the circuit, leading the field of four riders.


But someone else had their eyes on the prize, and it was Frellsen's teammate Rocco Sessler, who shrewdly placed fourth to bring the runners ahead of him, and he did it with the skill of a runner twice as experienced. The German pulled off a series of overtakes on the final lap over three consecutive corners, first at T10 brushing aside championship leader Lenoxx Phommara, followed by Masili at T11 and then Frellsen at T12 before adopting a defensive line at the T13 to ensure a safe passage to the finish line and achieve a triumphant and unforgettable victory under the Saxon sun.


Another driver worth mentioning in Race 1, and yes, get used to the name, is French rookie Antoine Nativi (CTM 83 Junior Team) who achieved a brilliant P6.


NTC fans were also delighted by the return of Dutch heroes Delano Greven (DG Motorsport by Brouwer Motors) and Tom Kuil (Beekam Racing) who impressed for their return to the category. Austrian Killian Holzer (HK Racing) suffered an accident in Q2 which deprived him of the rest of the weekend, and driver Luca Hafeneger (Austrian Junior Cup Team) also retired following a highside at T11, pilot OK.


The Swiss showed he was still the rider to beat by finishing Race 2 ahead of rivals Sessler and Frellsen.


The start of Race 2 was dramatic, with Italian Matteo Masili (Fairium Next Generation Riders Team) starting again in Turn 1, but a high-side in the first corner destroyed his chances of victory, as well as those of the unlucky Jurrien Van Crugten (BB64 Academy) who had nowhere to go and who fell with him. Both runners are unharmed. The incident also saw race leader Lenoxx Phommara drop to 16th after a gravel detour.


Rocco Sessler (MCA Racing) wasted no time in taking advantage of the chaos that reigned around him to take the lead of the race and break away from the chasing group. An impressive Martin Vincze (VM Racing Team) managed to slip behind him and the two men opened up a considerable gap of 2.5 seconds on lap 7.


Behind them a chasing group of six riders formed and as they battled for position there were heroes everywhere including debutants Kyano Schoo (KS Racing) and Antoine Nativi (CTM 83 Junior Team ) who held their own against their more experienced rivals. Filip Novotny (DG Corse), Maxime Schmid (Team Schmid) also impressed, but it was Denmark's Julius Frellsen (MCA Racing) who led the pack for most of the race trying to catch the leading duo.


But the story does not end there, it has only just begun. Lenoxx Phommara, championship leader and favorite for pole position, turned a second faster than the leaders starting from 16th place to close the gap. On lap 14, the Swiss moved up to third place after a hair-raising overtake on Frellsen, to lead the chasing pack and drag it into an epic battle to catch the leading duo of Sessler and Vincze.


On lap 15, Lenoxx Phommara got rid of Vincze to take second, with Frellsen moving behind him in third. On the last lap and the penultimate corner, a determined Lenoxx Phommara made short work of Sessler, who had led most of the race until then, and it was then a race of speed that began. to the finish line, with Phommara taking an elegant victory ahead of a disappointed Sessler (P2), and Frellsen (P3). Vincze, debutants Nativi and Schoo complete the top 6.


As we head to Oschersleben for round three from June 2-4, it's the king of the ascent, Phommara, who leads the standings ahead of Rocco Sessler, just 4 points clear. Up to you !

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