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Round 5


A look back at Antoine 27's 2 races on the Most circuit with the NORTHERN TALENT CUP.


A weekend always filled with emotions, it was the third weekend of races in a month. A month of June without respite, many kilometers in a motorhome, a lot of work for Team CTM83 Junior, a lot of work for Antoine, a lot of misadventures and a lot of joy! 


Race 1 (Saturday)


P7 with the best lap of the weekend 

0.274 away from victory.

“One of the best races for Antoine! »

Race 2 (Sunday)


P12 A collision on the 5th lap hinders and prevents Antoine from keeping pace with the fastest group. He landed a fine 12th place!

Championship P6.


Thanks to Team CTM83 Junior.🔝💛


A big thank you to all the people who follow and support Antoine ❤️❤️❤️

The races were filmed and streamed live on YouTube. We invite you to view the races with the links below, nothing better for a summary 

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